Havana, Paris and New York

I’d like to share how I feel after watching the movie – Chico and Rita.

First, I like the jazz music very much. It’s a type of music that can express the emotions of the composers and the singers, that allows me to understand what they are thinking. Second, it;s important for us to speak the truth with someone we have a relationship with. We shouldn’t be jealous of anyone since this will possibly affect the relationship and damage to our souls. Third, we have to be friendly and adapt to the racial differences. I was a bit sad when I saw the poor experience that Rita had even though the people at that time made her a brilliant singer. We must respect everyone from different continents.

I would recommend this movie to you all since I think a movie with much music is very interesting and exciting. Also, it’s an animation, which is very special, that I believe you all would enjoy it.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ (4/5)


¡Buena Foto!

Hey lads!

I’m very happy that I have a good news (: I’m hereby very glad to present you all this webpage – ¡Buena Foto!. You can see the photos I took in Spain and Hong Kong. There’re only photos – no words – but, I can assure you that you can always “view” my feelings in the photos… Haha :D

Linkage: http://www.buenohk.wix.com/buenafoto

Super typhoon

The super typhoon Usagi is approaching… It’s very powerful and it damaged Taiwan and the Philippines some days ago. Now, there are very big waves in Western Pacific and the wind is pretty strong in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Observatory will enforce the number eight typhoon signal in the evening or at night today. I wish it wouldn’t damage us too severely and, please, folks, do take care…

By the way, every time a typhoon is coming closer, we can always see a very beautiful view, for example, in this photo, there weren’t many clouds in the pink and purple sky yesterday… It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? (:

Photo: Sai Kung, Hong Kong

A family activity

Happy weekend, folks!!!! ((((:

It always makes me feel good when I do something interesting with my family during weekends. My family and I love hiking very much, particularly in Autumn. Frequently, there were not many people in Hong Kong who knew about the advantages of hiking. But, there are many more of them who would like to hike recently because they know they can relax peacefully after a busy week.

For me, I totally agree that hiking is the best family activity. I believe that we can spend a good day with our family and, at the same time, to know more about Hong Kong’s nature. Also, what the most important point is that hiking is free of charge… Haha… :D

Photo: Sai Kung

An afternoon ‘night out’

As always, Spain is famous for its siesta, late dinners, and music and dance till dawn. However, you may have heard about a new word recently – el tardeo (an afternoon ‘night out’).

It’s a word with ‘tarde’ (afternoon) and ‘tapeo’ (to go for tapas) combined. It means to go for tapas in the afternoon. Normally, Spaniards go to the bar at night since it’s just too hot in the afternoon and they need a siesta :p Also, it’s better to eat a little at the bar if they’re not too hungry. Interestingly, the people in some places, for example, Alicante, go to bed very early nowadays. What’s more, the bars in these places are very busy in early hours, instead of four in the morning, like in other cities (e.g. Barcelona and Cordova).

Do you like such a new habit? Here is a link to the video of the Alicante Tourism Board about el tardeo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anG-uZBttxA

Photo: Catalonia Square

Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival, a Chinese festival traditionally when people celebrate the harvest and reunite with their families. It’s also known as the Moon Festival since we can see a full moon according to Chinese (Lunar) calendar. It’s very beautiful!

Nowadays in Hong Kong, the Festival represents a day when all family members reunite. Usually, after dinner, people would love to go to an open-area or a park to eat mooncakes and to see the moon. Normally, a mooncake is made of lotus seed paste and preserved salted eggs, which is very tasty. Moreover, kids loves traditional lanterns or the cartoon ones. Also, there are a lot of giant lanterns exhibited in some parks. We can always take a lot of photos and spend a night with our families happily and peacefully.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


Hong Kong is always said to be culture desert because the quality of the local art production is not desirable. Surely, there are countless museums, galleries, concerts, movies, plays, musicals, ballets and art festivals in Hong Kong, however, there is not much locally produced.

This place is the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui, at the south of Kowloon peninsula. The Hong Kong Philharmonic, the Hong Kong Ballet, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Zuni Icosahedron are the venue partners. The four are the most famous ones and they perform frequently.

I think that we need to allow the art organisations more time to improve. Also, I can see that they are making efforts to produce some good performances. Let’s show them some support, shall we? (:

The Pigeons

This place is the Catalonia Square in Barcelona. It’s located between the Passeig de Gràcia and La Rambla, and it’s one of the largest squares in Spain (for example, the Spanish Square of Barcelona, Madrid and Seville).

During my stay in Barcelona, I went there sitting every evening and I loved watching the world go by. There were a lot of people, especially some kids and their parents. They like running after the pigeons and their parents would take a video to capture this happy moment. There were a lot of laughters, how adorable and pleasant…

A doughnut, please

I love doughnuts, especially the chocolate-covered ones… :p

In Hong Kong, you could always buy doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, they were absolutely delicious. However, around five or six years ago, they closed. What a pity! Nowadays, there is only one restaurant here, but still, there are no Dunkin’ Donuts…

In Spain, you can frequently buy from Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s very popular like McDonald’s and Burger King since you don’t have to wait for ages to get the food and the drink. And speaking of the drink, there’re a lot of people buying coffee there, that’s why it also threatens the profits of Starbucks.

Recently, Dunkin’ Donuts has planned to start its business in the United Kingdom, even if Krispe Kreme might have already gained a lot in the doughnut market. Well, I think it’s a strong good competition between the two. Possibly the consumers would benefit from the price war… Anyway, I’m hungry… A doughnut, please! :p

Barbecued Meat

Almost everyone in Hong Kong has ever tried a very good Cantonese dish – barbecued meat served with rice (which is called “燒味飯” in Cantonese).

Normally, there are barbecued meat (叉燒), roasted meat (燒肉), roasted piglet (乳豬), white-cut chicken (白切雞), chicken in soya sauce (油雞), roasted duck (燒鴨), roasted goose (燒鵝), sausage (紅腸) and orange cuttlefish (滷水墨魚). Each of them is served in barbecue sauce and soya sauce… Also, there is a preserved salted egg (鹹蛋) in the dish too… Yum! :p

Hongkongers like this dish a lot since it’s very economy and delicious. It’s very easy to prepare therefore you only have to wait for around five minutes after you’ve made the order. Do you want a “燒味飯”? lol