Quality of Life

Oops! Apologies that I haven’t written for a long time… :-/ This is university life – there’re many assignments, lots of meetings and loads of projects… I DON’T HAVE SPARE TIME!!!

Wait! Would you mind repeating what you’ve just said? You don’t have free time? How come? Why?

As always, students in Hong Kong tell there parents, teachers and friends that they don’t have much time to do something that they were supposed to complete. However, it’s possible that they are all living under great pressure that they just don’t have the energy and mood to do so. In my university life, it’s true that I have loads and loads of projects, meetings and exams. I must work very very hard everyday in order to put a little tick on my to-do list. Pressure? Yes, much pressure! Therefore, I think that it’s necessary to do something different from what we’ve been doing. For example, I love playing music and I like listening to operas when I study. Also, I would like to go swimming every weekend, but the pool in my university will be closed soon in December… I need to look for something else that is relaxing to replace swimming.

Anyway, it’s important that you guys search for some activities that you think it’s interesting and you can enjoy while doing so. I’m sure that your quality of life will balloon and after a while, you’ll be enjoying a healthy and happy life. Remember, it’s super-important that you don’t put much pressure in your work, otherwise, I don’t think you could complete a single task.

Photo: La Barceloneta, Barcelona


A rainbow

In Hong Kong, it’s very common for families to live in public housing estates. Simply because the private apartments are very expensive.

There are eighteen districts in Hong Kong and almost all of them have an area for these public housing estates. These are the shelters for the people who can’t afford the private ones. Moreover, since there’s a huge wealth gap between the rich and the poor, the government is going to continue with the construction work of these estates in order to bridge the gap and provide homes for all these people. It’s indeed a rainbow of a beautiful and completed life for all the needy.

Photo: Choi Hung, Hong Kong

Happy October!

Hooray! It’s a public holiday in Hong Kong today for celebrating the National Day of China. At last, we don’t have to work… Hip, hip…! :D

Recently, Hongkongers love to go for a boat trip during weekends or whenever there’s a holiday. They need to go to a pier in Sai Kung (east of HK) or Tsim Sha Tsui (south of Kowloon) in the morning. After having breakfast, they will queue up there in order to go on board. (There’re LOTS of people… It’s very busy and noisy… Oh dear!)

Normally, they will go to some places near by a beach on an island. The boat will stay there and those guys can go play on the deck and, of course, go swimming. Also, they could go to the beach and do barbeque there. Surely they would enjoy very much… (:

I think that it’s a very popular and wonderful activity to spend a day with our family and friends in such a beautiful sea. What do you think? :p

(P.S. Apologies… I was very, very busy these days and I didn’t have much time updating my blog…)

Photo: Sai Kung, Hong Kong