2014’s Resolution

Hey, my beloved friends (:

Today is the last day of 2013, I’m sure you’re all busy recalling the happenings throughout this year… Me too ;) I’m very happy because a lot of wonderful things have happened. For instance, I spent around a month in Andalusia, Barcelona and Madrid in the last summer, and I had my very first experience with people who don’t speak English (of course, neither Cantonese nor Mandarin lol) but Spanish merely. On top of that, since I’ve seen lot more things and have met many different people, I’ve changed a lot after the trip. I even surprised myself that I finally knew how much I’d love to live in Spain… I wish I could live there!!! HAHAHA :D

Anyway, I also believe that today is a perfect moment for us to prepare a new year resolution. It’s important to start the first day of new year with much energy, smile and hope. (:

I wish you all a very merry New Year 2014 with best wishes!!! (((((: We’ll see each other soon and thanks a lot for your support – stay tuned for the updates from ¡BUENO, HK! :D See you soon! ;)

Photo: Victoria Harbour (1 January 2013)


The Mountains

I love the end of autumn, simply because the weather is always lovely. And since my university is very close to the mountains in Northeastern Hong Kong, my best mate and I always went hiking almost every weekend.

Actually, mountains in Hong Kong are pretty well-known in Asia. A lot of Japanese tourists enjoy hiking here because the landscape a long hiking trails is just swell, for example, MacLehose and Wilson trails (they are named after the last names of the two governors during the British colonial era).

Here are some photos I’ve taken. Enjoy!

Shum Chung – overlooking Ma On Shan
Pat Sin Leng – overlooking Shenzhen, China
Pat Sin Leng – the view of the ridge
Tai Po Kau – overlooking Ma On Shan and my university

An impressive movie

I’m sure almost all uni students have done with their first semester, and I’m now enjoying my holiday (:

Anyway, I’ve written a bit about a movie that made me do some reflection – Real Women Have Curves. The story takes place in a Mexican community in Los Angeles. There’s a girl who called Ana Garcia (portrayed by America Ferrera). She’s a daughter from a traditional Mexican family. She’s an outstanding student who wishes to study in a university. However, her mum (Carmen – portrayed by Lupe Ontiveros) doesn’t allow her to do so since her family needs her to earn a living. Afterwards, Ana works in her sister’s factory and at the same time, she starts exploring her life. She applies to a university secretly with the help of her teacher. Also, she meets her boyfriend and has gained some sexual experience. Finally, she can enter a university in New York to continue her studies with a scholarship.

I think that this movie is very significant since we can see the difference between American and Mexican culture, as well as between educated and unlearned people. What’s more, we can learn the importance of chasing our dreams and the necessity of maintaining a good relationship with our families, which are super important for university students.

This’s my drawing based on the content of the movie (: