New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year my friends!!!

How’re you all doing? I’m sure you’ve had a fantastic first day of 2014 and perhaps you’re still enjoying the last day of your holiday. What a shock that my brother had to go to school today and he’ll sit for his exams tomorrow! (Luckily, my second semester will only commence until next week… :p)

I’m curious to know the different ways to celebrate New Year around the world (: In Hong Kong, almost every New Year’s Eve, we’ll gather along Victoria Harbour or go up to Victoria Peak to see the fireworks after having dinner with our families (at home or in a restaurant). After that, we’ll go to bars and have fun or go right back home.

In Spain, Spanish also have dinner with their families before going out. However, there’re two traditions that are very interesting about New Year’s Eve. They’ll wear new, red underwear because it will bring them good luck. This is the same when it comes to Lunar New Year, Chinese also put up such underwear for luck.

Besides, there’s a Spanish tradition called The Twelve Grapes. People will eat them one by one with each ring of the bell at midnight. This tradition started in The Gate of the Sun in Madrid (right image) where we can see the government clock tower of the Casa de Correos. Usually, these people will go for parties afterwards till the next morning. That’s why it’s a norm that they’ll have breakfast of hot chocolate and fried pastry (left image) together.

Photo: Victoria Harbour (1 Jan 2014)

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