A Greek experience

Welcome to the renovated blog! It’s been a long time… How have you all been doing? I’ve done a lot during these six months- studying (a lot), hiking, swimming, drinking (:-P), and… Travelling!!! I’m going to introduce you a gorgeous place… Here we go, Lefkada!!!

Lefkada is an island situated in Western Greece. You need to take a bus from Athens. Or, if you prefer, you could fly to Corfu and then go south. Lefkada is very well-known for its big white cliffs. What’s more? There are numerous beaches with crystal-clear water (it’s a bit of a cliché, yet it is indeed crystal-clear). I swam almost everyday when I was there, and I sunbathed a bit as well every time after swimming… Fantastic! Port Katsiki, for example, is a spot where you have to enjoy yourself- in the water, on the beach, and at the cafe. Despite the fact that it is always packed with tourists, you can still enjoy the incredible landscape there, which is what we all are looking for, right?

Apart from the beautiful beaches and the exciting water sports, you may go hiking as well. Mountain Stavrota situated in the middle of the island. It is 3,799 feet above sea level and it’s the tallest mountain in Lefkada. If this is not your cup of tea, try other places. I’m pretty sure that there must be a favourite spot of yours…  After all, Lefkada is a fairly mountainous island.

After you have stayed there for a while, you may discover that Lefkada shares a lot of similarities with the Alpujarra region- the mountains, the sea, the olive trees, and the sunset… You name it! However, there are still something different between the two lovely places… If you want to know more- go to Lefkada and have a wee adventure there!!!

Foto | Photo: Porto Katsiki | Port Katsiki