El Raval & The Esco Foundation

El Raval is a central area located in Ciutat Vella, Barcelona. It’s one of the two historical neighbourhoods – Gothic Neighbourhood and Raval Neighbourhood. The Rambla separates the two zones. El Raval is knowns as China Town as there are lots of Chinese working and living here. It was famous for its nightlife and the live performances at nightclubs. That is why the problems of prostitution and crimes were pretty serious back then. However, Catalans have transformed this area into an international neighbourhood. There are lots of immigrants from different continents, for example, from South America, Africa, Pakistan, etc. Nowadays, there are many kebabs restaurant (Yum! :-P) and gadgets shops. If you want to buy some cheap electronic appliances, El Raval offers you a fair bargain.

The Salvador Seguí Square (Catalan: Plaça de Salvador Seguí) is in El Raval. There are quite often parties with great music and you may join in and dance together with all of them there. On 25 October 2014 (Saturday), there was a mini party organised by the Esco Foundation (Catalan: Fundació Escó). There were lots of kids and their parents dancing and having fun. The Esco Foundation is an organisation that offers community help to families with disadvantaged children in El Raval. It was founded in 1984 and in 1991, it was established as a foundation. One of their missions is to raise the awareness in the society regarding the reality of El Raval, and the difficulties that many families there are facing everyday. Here are some videos of the mini party :)