Swimming in Barcelona

Barcelona has nine beaches in total. However, have you ever struggled where to go when you really want to do proper lanes while almost all the beaches are full of sunbathers and swimmers? Or, have you ever got a little bit frustrated that you have to rub yourself with an incredible amount of sunscreen before allowing yourself to swim in the baking sun? Here are two amazing sites with convenient access where you can do what you want and perhaps something more…

Saint George Swimming Pool (Piscina Sant Jordi)

Address:         Carrer de París, 114, 08029 Barcelona
M5 (blue):     Hospital Clínic

Located in Eixample district, Piscina Sant Jordi is a complex consists of an Olympic-size swimming pool, a sunbathing area, and various fitness and wellness zones.

The entrance fee was very reasonable when I visited there. It cost me 5€ only while I could easily spend an hour there doing lanes and chilling in the water. Usually, it is not very crowded even though three or four lanes might be occupied by numerous swimming schools or fitness teams sometimes.

Before you go, don’t forget to take a swimming cap with you for the sake of maintaining good hygiene. Besides, I strongly recommend that you should check out their official webpage to get to know the opening and entrance times.

Useful links:
> (Spanish) http://www.piscinasantjordi.cat/es/principal/inici
> (Spanish) http://www.facebook.com/piscinasantjordi

> (Catalan) http://www.piscinasantjordi.cat/es/archivo/ver/745

  • On this page, look for a PDF file named (e.g.)“Abonados y entradas puntuales 2015”. There, look for the corresponding page entitled “Piscina Olímpica”.
  • There are a few tables. The first one – ABONATS PISCINA – shows the opening hours of the pool;
  • The second one – ENTRADES: Puntuals (14+), Familiars (3-13 accompanied by an adult), and Reduït (65+) – lists out the entrance time to the pool.
Piscina Sant Jordi
Main entrance of Piscina Sant Jordi (Source: Yelp.com)

Fòrum bathing área (Zona de banys del Fòrum)

Address:          Plaça del Fòrum, 1, 08019 Barcelona
M4 (yellow):  El Maresme/Fòrum
Tram:               Maresme i Fòrum

This is a precious natural pool, as in the pool itself is in the Mediterranean. The Barcelona government has invested a lot to create green space and a seawater pool (El Parc del Fòrum) in Sant Martí district, which is as well suitable for the disabled.

It is a very spacious and enclosed area where there is no sand but a paved ground where you can sunbathe. You can therefore experience the Mediterranean in a different and safe way – the swimming areas are all very shallow, which is around the lower-waist of an average man.

The most interesting feature of this place is that there are two sets of electric cable ski towers. They allow amateur skiers to “do lanes” as well, i.e. skiing hither and thither while one of them is responsible for using the remote control panel.

It might be a faff smearing sunscreen all over your body yet this place is open daily, free of charge! :)

Useful link:

Cover photo: Zona de banys del Fòrum