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A doughnut, please

I love doughnuts, especially the chocolate-covered ones… :p

In Hong Kong, you could always buy doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, they were absolutely delicious. However, around five or six years ago, they closed. What a pity! Nowadays, there is only one restaurant here, but still, there are no Dunkin’ Donuts…

In Spain, you can frequently buy from Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s very popular like McDonald’s and Burger King since you don’t have to wait for ages to get the food and the drink. And speaking of the drink, there’re a lot of people buying coffee there, that’s why it also threatens the profits of Starbucks.

Recently, Dunkin’ Donuts has planned to start its business in the United Kingdom, even if Krispe Kreme might have already gained a lot in the doughnut market. Well, I think it’s a strong good competition between the two. Possibly the consumers would benefit from the price war… Anyway, I’m hungry… A doughnut, please! :p


Barbecued Meat

Almost everyone in Hong Kong has ever tried a very good Cantonese dish – barbecued meat served with rice (which is called “燒味飯” in Cantonese).

Normally, there are barbecued meat (叉燒), roasted meat (燒肉), roasted piglet (乳豬), white-cut chicken (白切雞), chicken in soya sauce (油雞), roasted duck (燒鴨), roasted goose (燒鵝), sausage (紅腸) and orange cuttlefish (滷水墨魚). Each of them is served in barbecue sauce and soya sauce… Also, there is a preserved salted egg (鹹蛋) in the dish too… Yum! :p

Hongkongers like this dish a lot since it’s very economy and delicious. It’s very easy to prepare therefore you only have to wait for around five minutes after you’ve made the order. Do you want a “燒味飯”? lol

The Cheap Dinner

I have always thought that it’s better for university students to spend money wisely. However, it’s very bad to achieve this by skipping meals or to always have fast food. Any question? I know, I know! Where can we have some healthy yet cheap meals?

Aha! Here you go, pork chop in tomato sauce with herbs, cabbage and rice. Chinese soup is also in the set. How much does it cost? Haha, it’s only 20HKD (around 1.96€)… For real? YES!!! Normally, university students can enjoy a student discount when they eat at canteens on campus… Do you like it? (: